Are you looking for moving moments? Look no further: The "Lauf-Treff Darmstadt" offers everything you need to get and keep on moving. You can meet (Treff) to run (Lauf) on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and/or Saturday. Whatever your prefer, walking, Nordic-walk or jogging, you will find someone to take that first step with you at our meeting point located at Lichtwiese Darmstadt. Our focus is to have fun in a group of like-minded people. Sounds good? Come along and join the fun!

The announcement before the groups start out.

Please bring:

  • Suitable athletic wear. Leave your street clothes at home! (During the darker winter months we ask you to wear white tops or jackets for better visibility).
  • Appropriate shoes for running or walking.
  • Your joyful self!

Do not bring:

  • A pen, paperwork, etc. No need to sign up or formally join with us! No signatures required.
  • Money: It’s free!
  • A fierce need to be ahead of the pack. Once we have chosen our group for the day, we stay with the group.

How does it work?

We run or walk for one hour, at any weather and in all seasons. Each group is lead by one team leader. The team leader is responsible for the route and sets the speed. All Lauf-Treff leaders are volunteers, so be kind. You can be sure to find a group suitable to your level of fitness at any given time. Once you are there, just ask any of the team leaders – recognizable by their Lauf-Treff shirts.

It’s your first time coming to Lauf-Treff?

So, you’d like to give it a try? Maybe you are still asking yourself “How will this really work? Is there anything else I should know?” Are you feeling unsure, because you have not exercised in a while or you fear to be left behind? Do not worry! Going on a run or walk with is very easy, no matter if you are just starting out or are an experienced runner.

Everyone, really, everyone can do this! No matter your level of fitness, your current body weight, you do not have to worry. You are entering a no-judgment zone and you will find your group, for sure!

Lauf-Treff step-by-step:

At about 17:45 the volunteer team leaders arrive. One person from the organizing team sets up the groups and assigns each leader his or her group. In the meantime all the participants for the day have arrived. At 18:00 the announcement is made.


This matters, because depending on the number of leaders present not all groups may be staffed at any given day. However, we are very good about always having at least one beginners’ jogging group. The first part of the announcement therefore is which distances will be offered that day. Then the kilometers to be covered during the 60 minutes and the respective leader are called out. Fastest group are called first, all the way according to speed to the walking and Nordic-walk groups. As soon as your group is called you join the leader and off you go!


Please arrive not later than 17:50 so you will find a group suited to your needs. If you are unsure, any team leader will be happy to point you to the right group. Normally, you can lock up your personal items like bags or bike helmet in one of the leaders’ cars. Of course we support you coming with other means than a private vehicle Public transport will bring you easily to Lichtwiese. K-Bus stop TU-Lichtwiese/ Mensa is one minute from our meeting point at the parking area.

Crossing the finish-line:

At 19:00 give or take a few minutes all groups are back at the meeting point. Hopefully you had a great time! Feel free to send us feedback per mail or Facebook. Hearing from you helps us continue to make this the best possible experience.

Come check us out. We are looking forward to meeting you and staying on the move with you! See you soon!
Your Darmstadt Lauf-Treff


Your participation is completely voluntary and at your own risk. Lauf-Treff Darmstadt will not accept any claims of liability.